Supplier Testimonials

"The nice thing about our listing on is that it is generating leads from businesses that may not have found us otherwise. The leads we’ve gotten are mostly from new businesses."

Richard S., Brooklyn, NY

"I just wanted to say thank you so much! I have been getting a ton of referrals from your site!"

Carol S., Arlington, VA

"Had three inquiries in one day from new distributors wanting to sign up. They all said they found us through Very pleased." 

Jeff W., Richardson, TX

"I can't believe how many calls I have received from new customers. Thanks again for all your help."

Patty K., Waterbury, CT

"We have received a steady stream of inquiries from our listing on and sign up 2-3 per month who say our listing on findadropshipper as the reason they have been in touch."

Tricia R., Richmond, CA

 "We started receiving inquiries as soon as our listing with went live. We continue to open drop ship accounts do to this listing. Plus the people at are a dream to work with."

Sue G., Miami, FL

"I recently signed for a new drop ship listing and our company has already received 32 leads in 5 days. Very impressed."

Sheri T., Somerset, NJ

"Hi, So far I have had 23 inquiries come through your website, and 7 of those created an account and it has only been ten days! Very happy."

Tammy M., Covington GA